The United States of America could see the collapse happening right before its eyes with no way to stop it, watching the very fibers of democracy come unraveled as the power of the people shifted from their elected politicians to the strengthening megacorporations and their influence. They were no longer conflicts of interest as they were advantageous, and the companies gained unfettered access to the world’s natural resources. Deforestation caused acid rain and dust storms while a global oil crisis was struck by thermonuclear war in the Middle East, and while the U.S. attempted to manipulate stock markets to cover up their follies, it was only a matter of time before media coverage caused it to backfire and worldwide financial meltdown shook the economies of nearly every country on the globe, ultimately securing power to the megacorporations until war broke out once more.

Though discreet at first, the war facilitated by rival corporations soon spilled into the open and fighting escalated from niceties in the boardroom and cutthroat strategies in virtual battlefields turned into full-scale war, reducing cities to rubble and turning their populations in refugees. Global trade was paralyzed by military action and market collapse, only made worse as unaligned citizens started taking matters into their own hand by raiding supply lines and brought on a new age of piracy. Corporation headquarters worldwide were seized and following a crippling blow to HEPHAESTUS TECHNOLOGIES in 2025, the war had come to an end and the world would begin to rebuild.

rebuilding and restructuring...
The next forty-five years would see not only cities rebuilt, however to a portion of their former grandeur, but reunification and technological advancement as supply lines and trade routes were reestablished, infrastructure was rebuilt, and cities repopulated with the help of government and corporate aid. Though the corporations involved saw consequence for their actions, it only seemed to ensure their future strength and influence as it was to many a “slap on the wrists” and did little to lessen their power.

Established following civil conflict in 2074, AUTARCIA became an international free city, independent from the laws and government of the New United States as paid for by the increased corporate presence within which pumped money into the city to establish it as a strong foothold in the state. While Harmonia prospered for the upper class, that prosperity was not one shared by all as continued environmental disasters including desertification and drought, hurricanes and tornadoes of enormous scales, and heavy flooding continued to wreck poorer communities; crime and poverty ran rampant and migratory unrest was felt in every corner of the world; and the technological advances of cyberware led to the problem of cyberpsychosis even as corporate pump the latest, greatest, and shiniest wares to by to the masses.

space, the new frontier...
Attempting to answer the problem of Earth's resource loss, the corporations banded together to form the NEW EARTH DIRECTORATE (NED) in an effort to reach into the expanse of outer space for new sources, establishing the ANCHOR SPACE STATION in orbit around Earth as their primary hub. From there, the New Earth Directorate was able to colonize nearby planets in the solar system, establishing mining colonies, research outposts, and even a domed metropolis among the inner planets. With a biased lottery system towards corporate individuals and those the New Earth Directorate thought important to their efforts in space, the underhanded intentions of the corporations came to life once more as the domed city of EUPHORIA on Venus became a shining diamond of luxury one the hard work of the industry-heavy outposts elsewhere.

the present...
Now the year 2089, Autarcia continues its independence under the watchful eye of the corporations that run it and, as such, has birthed rebellion among those tired of living in dire straits. From the gangs that patrol the neighborhoods to bring about their own sense of justice to vigilante Netrunners crossing the expanse of the digital space and the solo mercenaries simply going where the money is, the unrest among citizens is obvious - to the police department trying to keep the peace to the corporate-hired guns and assassins hired to keep problems down before they become an issue and even the innocent bystander simply trying to live their less than harmonious life in Autarcia...
Consisting of five megacorporations spanning the expanse of international business, military, and technology, the NEW EARTH DIRECTORATE is the driving force behind many of the global and interplanetary politics and economics, and they back nearly everything with a considerable bank roll provided their many facets of operation. While the top echelons live in the lap of luxury, sometimes literally in the high rise towers and penthouse suite they keep secure away from the riff-raff of the city’s lower levels, those attempting to rise the corporate ranks find themselves in cutthroat competition to advance, never mind keep their jobs amiss the potential backstabbing nature of their peers.

While there are many corporations, some larger than others and tapping into markets that the New Earth Directorate seems to ignore, those of the New Earth Directorate are the cream of the crop and the top, and therefore toughest, to find success within.

hephaestus technologies
Rooted in the 20th century, HEPHAESTUS TECHNOLOGIES has come a long way in military prowess since World War II with advances in security and weaponry that branch well into even virtual battlefields with coordinated development in cyberware and increased accessibility to the Net. A key figure in wars of the past, Hephaestus Technologies took a crippling blow in 2025 only to rise to power once more, stronger and better than ever, aiding in the development of Autarcia's independence and responsible for off-world establishments like the Anchor Space Station and the city of Euphoria in partnership with their heavy-industry subsidiaries. If there were one corporate force viewed as untouchable, it is Hephaestus.

hyposynth medical
With interest in all facets of the medical field including establishment of hospitals, maintenance of Trauma Teams nationwide, research and development of pharmaceuticals and cyberware, and advances in treatments of various long-term conditions, HYPOSYNTH MEDICAL's rise to power came to the backs of the injured and ailing through a strangehold on early advances in hypo production and cyberware. Today, they are responsible for many of the available medical care in Autarcia and beyond, boasting humanitarian efforts through various outreach programs scattred throughout the city and seemingly separate of their corporate affairs.

edbibesia corp
With the impact of natural distaster and land claimant by various corporations over the years, the need for food has skyrocketed internationally. Enter EDBIBESIA CORP, the developer of various synthetic foods - namely protein - which have become regular staples in the diets of the population. With various headquarters throughout the world to cater to international cuisines, they have a handle in everything from top tier dining establishments and breweries to everyday fast food joints and convenience stre easy meals which have seen to their considerable advertisement presence throughout the city.

Easily considered the rival of Hephaestus Technologies despite former and current partnerships on either side of conflicts prior, ARKOSOFT operates in many of the same capacities as Hephaestus with a much smaller budget. Developers of systems and programming made for military technology, cyberware, and operations on the virtual field, its security function relies on the continued functionality and accessibility of the Net; and just like every corporation, they have their background projects kept behind closed doors in hopes of keeping an edge on their competition.

transcentera incorporated
TRANCENTERA INCORPORATED specializes in intergalactic and planetary travel, habitation, and communication, and can easily be fitted amiss one of Hephaestus Technologies' primary rivals alongside Arkosoft. They have patents on the latest in FTL safe shuttles and ships, navitational systems, and the most high grade FTL data relays to keep not only communication, but travel itself open. Their CEO is also the inventor of the Battlers System - a Augmented Virtural Reality simulator - which he has turned into a league of E-Sports, making super stars out of the most willing and able combatants.
Using the latest in augmented virtual reality, the BATTLER SYSTEM creates a series of very realistic battle maps, utilizing varying arena sizes, team counts, and arsenal available for often corporate competitions. While to the public, it is just another sport to indulge in, gambling and betting parlors set up internationally to collect winnings based on predictions set by casinos on Euphoria, it often serves as a means for corporations to obtain intellectual properties, mining rights, and other benefits to their operations from others without the need for boardroom dealings or warfare. Corporations pay top dollar to have their popular combatants endore their products and will often contribute sponsorships to outfit a full team so long as their needs are met - namely the need to win.

HEPHAESTUS HAMMERS: A legacy team thanks to the money that Hephaestus Technologies can pump into them, the Hammers are an overwhelming show of militaristic force and often have the most machine gunner, panzer, and shield units to their team. Their personal units are military trained and a prime example of leadership and teamwork, besting the majority of the competition to earn their place as the team to beat.

HYPOSYNTH VANGUARD: A steady team that excels at mid-range, protracted battle, the Vanguard have deidcated meci units that heal and support team members whereas other teams have overlooked such a vital position. They also have unique sapper units, engineers who are able to construct on the battlefield, clear minefields and other demolition mechanisms, and repair damaged weaponry and mechanical units.

ARKOSOFT SPARK: The Spark favor quick, guerrilla tactis and have a high number of sniper, commando, and scout battlers among their ranks who are able to use their stealth qualities much as a hacker would be able to undermine security systems to win. They prefer an adaptive battle strategy against their set opposition.

FREE AGENTS: Only the highly experienced and charismatic battlers can become free agents, foregoing their long-term contracts and seeling their skills on a per battle basis to the highest bidder.
In contrast to the power of the megacorporations, many GANGS have risen among the lower levels of the city, sometimes for the good of the neighborhoods they call their own and sometimes with their own intentions in mind. From those making sure the working guys and gals on the streets are kept safe and those inspiring their own old world brand of patriotism to the cyberware-heavy drug addicts in punk squalor to the merciless assassins patroling the streets, there is something for everyone - be it to join or avoid. They can be a citizen's best friend or their worst enemy, but all make the world go 'round.

At this time, gangs are established by players rather than moderators. To submit information on a gang, including motive and location, please leave information in the Dropbox.
medicine & cyberware
Advancements in medicine by HYPOMARUS and in cyberware by SYTHSMITH have led to a considerable leap in medical sciences and, in turn, life spans of the residents of Autarcia. Though still susceptible to harm the old fashioned way – be it being in the wrong place at the wrong time or catching the end of a bullet during a gun fight – those with viable healthcare access, including to an array of cyberware or direct access to local TRAUMA TEAMS, have seen an increase in life expectancy to 100 YEARS.

However, not all in Autarcia are able to see such care due to over-population, crowded facilities, and healthcare prices which remain at all time highs due to corporate and political influence, creating a significant black market for not only hypos and stimulants, but cyberware provided by sometimes legal, mostly illegal RIPPERDOCS who provide their services at more affordable prices even if the augmentations themselves aren’t guaranteed and the chances of CYBERPSYCHOSIS – a condition wherein empathic connection to others is severed by often extreme cyberware replacements and leads to brutal and violent attacks on others – is increased. To combat not only illegal ripperdocs, but black market trading of their cyberware, many corporations have enlisted the aid of highly trained REPO MEN to collect black market cyberware "no matter what", leading a number of missing persons cases throughout the city.

AUTARCIA GENERAL HOSPITAL is the primary hub for medical needs, operated and regulated by HypoSynth Medical, but between the availability of insurance and overcrowding, most residents have found smaller clinics and facilities to treat their ails, if not resorting to their own devices and self-medication.
While there are various sources, the more natural of which are commonly disputed among the medical field, PSYCHOGENICS refers to a specific and very limited set of of individuals who have developed what many might call "super powers". Be it from hidden experimentation conducted by the megacorporations in private or environment exposure to various stressors that bring out such an ability, these individuals are capable of a variety of different feats that come more naturally than those found in cyberpsychosis which require, more often than not, an abundance of cyberware. These abilities are believed to be hardwired into the individual's own mind by way of their genetic make up and, as such, have been considered of extremely importance to not only the authorities in an effort to keep residents safe, but corporations for what they can achieve with such power.

Available Psychogenic Abilities:
Dream Manipulation
Enhanced Intelligence
Intuitive Aptitude

At this time, there are only five spots available for psychogenics to keep a more proportionate balance between non-powered and powered individuals as this is not a superpower-based game. This may change in time as the character count grows, so if a spot isn't currently open, that may change in the future.
Dominated primarily by the megacorporations of the NEW EARTH DIRECTORATE, space is the next frontier for expansion of life on Earth. While intentions had been to colonize other planets in an attempt to find a suitable resource source and habitat for the human species with the ANCHOR SPACE STATION acting as a hub for their future ventures, it became clear operations in the solar system were angled more for the sustainability of the megacorporations and not the general population. With a headquarter on Venus, protected from the elements by a dome encompassing the a manmade and habitable environment, the New Earth Directorate dictates now not only governance on Earth, but many planets in the inner system of the Milky Way.

Long abandoned due to the swealtering conditions of the planet, there had once been a hope by Hephaestus Technologies that they could establish a small minding colony on the dark side of Mercury. While they had managed to build the small outpost of MAIA, it was only a matter of time before tragedy struck and those assigned to the station met the untamable force of the sun. It now sits in ruin.

Though Venus is still denser and hotter than Earth, surrounded by clouds of sulfuric acid and gusty winds that move sixty times faster than the planet’s rotation, there is a shining beacon for those rich enough to afford the shuttle to the city. Known as EUPHORIA, the domed city is not only the headquarters of the New Earth Directorate, but a playground for those worthy enough to be among its population. Within the dome, the atmosphere is artificially generated, cycling through day and night while maintaining a continuously “perfect” climate, regulating pressure as needed against Venus’ natural conditions. While some call it home – namely those who can afford it or work within – many visitors are tourists to its luxury resorts and casinos in hopes of striking it big.

In direct contrast to Venus, Mars has become the newest colony for those of a poorer lifestyle than those living in Euphoria. With settlements originally populated by miners hoping for a better life on the red planet, it was quick to become a restless and lawless place constantly under threat from dust devils and sweeping dust storms despite the various megabuildings established to shield the planet’s population. The arcology city of PYROEIS serves as the primary hub for all business and residences, but that hasn’t stopped scavengers and raiders from attempting to create settlements elsewhere despite the planets conditions.
There are numerous sources where you can take inspiration from, including those not listed, but for ease, we have compiled a list of some of the sources referenced to pull this world together. If you're having trouble creating a concept or want more detail, feel free to browse!
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