general rules
Earthside is a cyberpunk-inspired gpsl inspired by various science fiction sources including Altered Carbon, Blade Runner, the Cyberpunk series, The Matrix, and Total Recall. Set in the fictional city of Autarcia, ~earthside follows the lives and adventures of its residents as they experience all that the city and beyond, even into the reaches of space where corporations have stretched their reach for colonization efforts, have to offer.

The general rules of roleplaying apply: Don't cross IC and OOC lines, no godmodding other characters, etc. and be active! This is meant to be a fun and welcoming writing adventure for everyone, so please make sure you are aiding in this, not hindering. If problems arise, moderators will step in as needed.

As such, due to the mature nature of this game, please make sure any adult content is kept in customs and any triggering content is appropriately labeled with warnings to be considerate of other players.
pbs and characters
While we accept played bys from all forms of media as long as we can easily identify them by way of a Google search, due to the mature nature of the game which can include violence, gore, drugs, sex, etc., please have all characters and played bys be 18 years of age or older. Deceased played bys are not allowed.

character limits
The current character limit is 4. We expect members to be active with all characters in game and will be considering activity with established characters when accepting additional applications, so please consider your own availability before applying an additional character. If it is found out that someone is attempting to join with more characters above the current cap, it will result in removal of all characters from the game.
Activity checks will occur each month, starting on the 1st of the month and ending on the last day of the month. Within this time, members are able to drop off activity links at any time in the Activity Tracker.

Activity can be met each month by one of the following: A written entry in your journal of some substance (journal entry, narrative, interactive post, Instagram post, etc., but no one line posts); a scene starter posted in ~vrcade; or participation in a thread started by another player. While moderators do not want to be heavy-handed with activity requirements, we do expect members to be active with all characters in an effort to keep the game moving.
hiatuses & extensions
Life happens! When it does, hiatuses and extensions are available upon request. Hiatuses last until a set date by the player wherein they're expected to return unless they have otherwise notified the moderators while extensions last until the next set of adds to allow members a little more time to submit activity. If either are needed, members can request them in the Member's Area.
frequently asked questions
If you have additional questions than the ones presented here, please feel free to ask in the Dropbox!

what is the current year?
While the date itself runs in real time, the year is 2089.

can we work for this corporation, create our own corporation or gang, join a battler team, etc.?
Of course! Feel free to stretch your imagination and create the characters you'd like. You can be a normal corporate employee, just trying to get by, or a solo mercenary providing bodyguard services to someone on top just as you can be the member of a neighborhood gang, stuck in conflicts with the police department, or something as normal as a restaurant employee, techer, or auto mechanic. You can even be a Netrunner, hacking into the corporate systems and engaging with corporate security at every turn, or a repo man, harvesting parts from those who simply didn't pay up. The world is your oyster, so crack it open!

The only barred entites are CEOs belonging to the New Earth Directorate. However, for smaller corporations outside of that, you are more than welcome to try and take the reins on a large company.

As all gangs are currently proposed by players rather than ripped from games like Cyberpunk, to create one, applicants must leave general information (similar to that in the guide for corporations) in the Dropbox for addition. We will currently only allow four total.

can we use canon characters from various medias?
Because this is meant to be its own standalone universe despite being derivative of different sources, no. All characters are to be original.

can we live on euphoria or maia (off planet)?
While individuals can have property in these locations, all players must actively be in Autarcia for some reason - be it a second residence, work-related, an extended stay, etc. to keep the game centralized. However, travel to these locations (and others) is completely open!